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Android Gets Cluzee, An Apple Siri Opponent

If Apple is flaunting its latest Siri technology, Android smartphones are not behind as Cluzee may prove to be a worthy opponent.

Besides offering the basic voice function that Siri offers, there are some features that are present in Cluzee but not in Siri, reported BGR.

For example, if Cluzee specifies a schedule of the day to the user and if the schedule has any appointment or anything else then this feature will provide information regarding which route to take to avoid being late.

This Android app also performs basic functions like reading text messages and emails aloud for the user. The user can also text or send email composed via voice command. The app is also capable of doing local search according to the user's needs and requirements, reported Slash Gear.

The app at present is available and development of a better cloud-based version is in progress, which will be supporting any computer system, mobile phone or even tablet with internet connection. As of now, unlike Siri, Cluzee does not provide facility to integrate with few other devices as well as services such as Plex media.

In short a worthy competitor of Apple's Siri technology is out and available on the market and time for Apple to come up with something new or to further improve Siri.