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Cheapest Nintendo 3DS Now Costs £99.99

A brand new Nintendo 3DS can now be had for as little as £99.99, a smashing bargain that can be found at selected BP stores across the country; that's a saving of £20 compared to the price on Amazon.

The offer, which expires on the 5th of December, requires customers to print a voucher (or get it via email or via text). This means that in less than one year, the Nintendo 3DS, which had a suggested retail price of £230 in the UK, has seen its price cut by almost 60 per cent since launch.

The console is the first mainstream 3D gaming device on the market with an autosteroscopic WQVGA 3.53-inch screen and a normal QVGA 3-inch secondary screen.

It also has one front facing and two rear facing VGA cameras, a 2GB SD Card, Wi-Fi, 128MB RAM, a customised Nintendo ARM chipset, a PICA200 graphics module and a number of preloaded applications.

The console had been hit with controversy over the safety of the 3D feature for young players, something which the 3DS solves by introducing a 3D slider and the ability for parents to remove the 3D functionality entirely.

Another controversy was the poor battery life, which can be as little as three hours when screen brightness is pushed to the maximum with Wi-Fi and 3D effect on.

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