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Ebay Quietly Adds Warranty To Purchases

Auction site Ebay is now offering warranties on products purchased (both new, refurbished and used items) from its website and delivered by SquareTrade.

The service is only available for UK residents and covers mechanical and electrical failures, including normal wear and tear, full item price reimbursement in case of no-fix and a five day service guarantee. It must be purchased within 30 days of the item purchase and covers 100 per cent parts and labour without excess.

The cover starts on the 46th day (one and a half months) after the purchase date which means that when purchased with a product under warranty, it only adds 13.5 months on top of the existing warranty.

As expected prices vary considerably; a two year warranty on a HP Touchpad which already has a one year manufacturer's warranty costs £22.99 (around 11 per cent of the price) while adding accidents coverage (which includes drops and spills but not theft or loss) adds another £25.

As for items won after an auction, the warranty price varies according to the price range and the product. For example, for an out of warranty tablet that fetches £720 in an auction, the one year warranty will cost £132, while that increases to £156 for an Apple MacBook Air.

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