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Google Doodle Celebrates Mark Twain's 176th Birthday

Today, the Google homepage greeted users with a very vibrant and colourful drawing based on a very popular scene from the novel "The Adventure of Tom Sawyer." The scene occupies the complete width of the screen and depicts the protagonist of the novel, Tom, whitewashing a fence with a friend named Ben.

This Google Doodle shows the two boys busy painting a white picket fence with the Google logo at in center, reports (opens in new tab) the Telegraph.

This scene from the novel is very funny and interesting. Tom is punished by his Aunt Polly and made to paint the fence, however, the street smart kid ropes in his friend Ben to do the painting through some smart talking.

This new Google Doodle is a tribute to one of the best American authors, Mark Twain, who was capable of casting a spell over his readers through the power of his words, witticism and great depictions coupled with wisdom.

Mark Twain was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens on 30th November 1835 in Florida.

Google Doodle has turned into most one of the most anticipated features of Google with its unique and original style of celebration. Throughout November, Doodle has celebrated the birthday of Edmund Halley, honoured Louis Daguerre and also celebrated the 60th anniversary of the first book by Stanislaw Lem.