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How to Sync Personal Data Between Windows 8 PC and Compatible Tablets & Smartphones?

As you may have noticed when you first installed Windows 8, the system prompted you to create an account. Unlike previous versions, Windows now offers the possibility of choosing between two types of accounts: local ones and those using a Windows Live ID. The first type is clearly known to most of you, was it was used in Windows XP, Vista and 7. It creates a regular, normal user with administrative / restricted rights that is only used on the local machine. Through the normal account you cannot extend your preferences on another device.

Well, an account created using the Windows Live ID is very helpful for those extending their work on several devices capable of handling Windows 8. With it, Microsoft automatically syncs personal data between terminals, allowing users to load their history, shortcuts, application settings, passwords and even the desktop while being away from home. This system is ideal for those who like to access their personal data while out of town and want to use a tablet, laptop or even a phone compatible with the technology.

Today we are going to show you the steps of creating such of an account, from the start to finish. You are going to need a live internet connection for the setup and of course, a Windows 8 running terminal.

How to sync data using the Windows Live ID?

1. Open the Control Panel tile, using the Metro UI.

2. From the left sidebar, click on users and then push the "Add a user" button.

3. You will be asked to create a Windows Live ID. Complete all the fields and then click Next. If you already have one, click on the appropriate link, on the first page.

4. Once the account has been set up, return to the Control Panel menu and a new tab will be shown in the left sidebar, by the name of "Sync PC Settings".

5. The Sync PC Settings option will present you with some toggle buttons, the first one taking care of the whole system. Click it to enable Sync on the computer and then modify any items below that option as per your requirement.

From this menu you can allow Windows Live to synchronize any personal files with other devices, like the language, personal settings that include colors, background and the lock screen, speech recognition, narrator, touch-keyboard, language preferences and even some settings for compatible applications.

Those that have a tablet can scroll to the bottom of the window and choose if this process can also be done while experiencing a limited data plan.