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Lenovo To Launch LeTV Products In 2012

Lenovo is set to unveil a new range of products called LeTV in the first quarter of 2012, in an apparent move to offer products that match Apple's portfolio.

The Chinese behemoth already sells laptops, desktops, all in ones, tablets, smartphones, monitors and now, possibly Smart TVs.

The report, by the Wall Street Journal's Loretta Chao and Owen Fletcher doesn't say whether Lenovo would release a Google TV style box (like the ill-fated Logitech Revue) or a proper Lenovo-branded television, although the first possibility is more likely.

Lenovo will also debut a new cloud strategy called Lenovo Cloud that will give users up to 200GB worth of space online.

The Chinese company, which has surpassed Dell in terms of PC units sold to become the world's number two PC vendor behind HP, has been firing on all cylinders.

It released a new 10-inch tablet and a 5-inch smartphone yesterday, and has acquired German PC manufacturer Medion and merged operations with Japan's NEC to extend its user base.

The LeTV strategy promises to be a bold new venture as Lenovo tries its hand at a consumer market where Apple is the main competitor.

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