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Little Printer Gathers and Prints Newsfeeds for Easy Viewing; Available 2012

It is time to experience a really tiny Little Printer, which will hit the market in 2012 to print online newsfeeds and other subscriptions.

This Little Printer is of the size of an alarm clock with a wireless server inside. The printer is made of molded plastic and has a brushed steel faceplate which connects to an accompanying smartphone app. Through this app, the user chooses the services he wants to print.

Multiple feeds are also available like daily agenda, personal messages, news headings, games, and birthday reminders recovered from Facebook.

The functionality of the Little Printer is very simple - there is a roll of paper which lies on a spool and a thermal printer that heats the chemicals which change colour when exposed to the heat, as reported (opens in new tab) by CNET.

The Little Printer was created through a partnership between Berg, a London-based design team and various companies such as The Guardian, Arup, Foursquare, Nike, and Google.

Many customers will find this printer useful and easy to store when not printing off anything.