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Microsoft Sells 800,000 Xbox Units in US Within 24 Hours

Microsoft sold close to a million Xbox 360 units during the week of Black Friday.

The company commented in a blog post that last week, it had shipped 960,000 Xbox 360 units, the highest in a week since it launched the console.

The company said that the sales figure was for the US alone, with Microsoft selling more than 800,000 units within a period of 24 hours.

Microsoft also revealed that more than 750,000 standalone and bundled units of the Kinect for Xbox motion gaming system were sold in the US.

Microsoft said it expects to be the number one console maker in the US for the eleventh month in a row and finish as the top console maker in the US when the year ends.

The company also stated that on December 6, Xbox 360 will receive an update that would bring a whole new generation of TV entertainment to its users. The company will also launch some custom TV apps for Xbox Live and bring more than 40 TV content providers to Xbox Live by the end of the year.

This is indeed an exciting time for Miscrosoft and Xbox customers.