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Microsoft Windows 8 Might Have Already Lost The Tablet Battle

As per a report by market analyst Forrester, by the time Microsoft will be introducing Windows 8, the company's first ever touch-centric version of its flagship operating system, it might just be too late for capturing a considerable market share in the growing market of tablets.

The report says Microsoft's Windows 8 is a "fifth-mover product strategy" that might hit the market late next year, reported Forrester blog.

Apple's iOS, BlackBerry's QNX and Google's Android operating system are already doing far better than Microsoft's operating system.

According to JP Gownder, a Forrester analyst along with co-author of the present report, stated that, "Microsoft has missed the key peak opportunity." Gownder added, "Microsoft is in a really bad place."

Windows 8 was previewed during a conference in Anaheim, California in the month of September where developers got the first impression of this operating system.

Even though Forrester is hopeful that Windows 8 has good opportunity for laptop as well as desktop computing, the chances with tablet is still unclear. Post Apple's iPad and Kindle Fire the expectations of consumer are at an all-time high and according to Gownder, "By being late, Microsoft has disadvantaged itself."