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Millions of Web Connected HP Printers Vulnerable Claim Researchers

Researchers at the Columbia University have claimed that they have found a security vulnerability affecting millions of web connected printers around the world.

According to msnbc, the security flaw affects millions of Hewlett Packard Inkjet printers capable of connecting to the web and possibly, printers from other companies as well.

The vulnerability could allow hackers to remotely control the printer over the web and steal personal and sensitive information, attack networks and even physically damage printers. It was even claimed that hackers could overwork the printer, making it catch fire.

The researchers also claimed that were no proper and easy way to fix the vulnerability and there was no way to discover whether the vulnerability has already been exploited by hackers.

Meanwhile, HP claimed that it was still investigating the sensational claims made by the researchers but said that it was not likely that the vulnerability was widespread and neither could the printers catch fire.

"Today there has been sensational and inaccurate reporting regarding a potential security vulnerability with some HP LaserJet printers. Speculation regarding potential for devices to catch fire due to a firmware change is false", HP said in a statement.