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New Android Lockscreen Notifications App Resembles iOS 5 Feature on iPhone

A new Android app that allows smartphone owners to access the Notifications even from a locked screen, greatly resembles a feature in iOS 5, TechCrunch (opens in new tab) reports.

The app-maker FlyScreen, is introducing its "SuperFly API" which is launching in sequences, with the first service already being available.

The messaging app inside the API, Kik should be available within a week. For the time being, on the FlyScreen webpage the developer is gathering email addresses from "Android devotees" and announces that the full API will be released soon.

You can find the FlyScreen app on the Android Market with the company looking for interested developers to apply via their website to develop future apps.

Apparently, the aforementioned SuperFly Notifications will initially be similar to iOS with just icons and text, but after the development process is completed, the new service will make Notifications more in depth, interesting and interactive.

The notification lockscreen will alert the users when they have missed calls, mails, or messages as well as when new updates are available.

It should be noted that the very newest Android smartphone owners can already benefit from the feature, as the new version of Google's OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, offers some lockscreen notifications too.

For older versions of Android, an app called WidgetLocker provides a fairly similar feature, though you need to pull down the notification bar.

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