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New Internet Explorer 10 Preview Works Only On Windows 8

Microsoft has quietly released a new test build of its next generation browser, Internet Explorer 10, one which this time around, only works on Windows 8 (or rather, at this stage, its developer version).

According to a report by ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foley, the fourth iteration of the "platform preview" brings even more support for HTML5 technology that, according to Microsoft, enables "richer Web applications with significantly improved performance".

There's also a new quirks mode which "is more consistent and interoperable with the way quirks modes works in other browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera" says the Microsoft blog post written by Rob Mauceri, Group Program Manager.

He added "the features in this platform preview are available to Web pages now, and will be available to Metro style applications in Windows 8".

IE10 will be available only for Windows 7 and Windows 8 with the browser being announced possibly at the same time or just before Windows 8. The latter is also expected to be available in summer 2012. Internet Explorer 10 will be the first Microsoft desktop browser to run on ARM architecture.

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