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Social Network Path Receives Major Update, Provides More Ways to Share

Just a year old social network app created by former Facebook platform developer Dave Morin, "Path", is receiving a major update which adds automatic life-tracking features and the ability to share Path content with bigger social networks.

Path, the semi social network, was planned as a mobile service for letting users share all the important events and images with close friends and family members. This social networking site is not a wide-open site like Facebook or a broadcast platform like Twitter.

The all new update promises to make Path more enjoyable and will increase the level of connectivity.

The latest user interface is very attractive and engaging, besides, each and every sharing activity can be hidden under one single button. The horizon of Path is expanding with inclusion of sharing capability of thoughts of the user as well as places the user visited and also when the user is sleeping or is awake, reported c|net.

Path CEO and founder Dave Morin said that at present around one million users are taking advantage of this service and "That's better than Foursquare, Quora, or Pintrest got in their first year."