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Spotify to Create App Store on Website

Spotify, which recently opened shop in the US, is planning to launch a Facebook-like app platform on its website.

The company plans to launch an app store and an API for developers that would let them make apps for the platform.

Citing people in the music industry, the Wall Street Journal reported that the company plans to launch additional features for its platform to differentiate itself from Amazon, Google and Apple.

The API allows developers to create apps that let users read reviews from various websites and blogs while listening to music. Another app will allow users to view lyrics to a song which is playing in the background.

The company will also release an app that informs users about upcoming concerts and gigs of their favourite artists and a link to websites where they can buy tickets.

Spotify plans to follow Apple in performing strict quality checks for the apps before making them available to users.

The apps will only be available for the desktop version of Spotify as of now, but the functionality will be introduced to smartphone apps at a later stage.