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Spotify to launch third-party application platform

Spotify has scheduled a press conference for later today, during which it is expected to unveil a platform for third parties to create apps accessing its wealth of music content.

The company, which shot to fame by offering free advertising-funded streaming of a vast music archive with premium pay-monthly accounts for those looking to add more features or drop the adverts, is believed to be offering third-party developers a platform to create their own applications that tie in to the Spotify experience.

Spotify's recent deal with Facebook, which sees the social networking giant power the company's social sharing functionality, and Spotify in turn require all of its new members to have a Facebook account, has resulted in the company gaining a massive number of new subscribers, and its popularity does not look like waning any time soon.

By opening its system to third-party developers in an extension of the somewhat limited application programming interfaces (APIs) that are already offered and used to create independent projects like mash-up Spotibot, Spotify is clearly hoping to encourage developers to improve the service in the hopes of targeting its impressive large customer base.

It's a similar principle to Facebook, which offers developers the ability to create plug-ins, apps and games that tie in to the Facebook system - with the company taking a cut of any advertising or in-app transaction proceeds, naturally.

While Spotify isn't willing to discuss its plans ahead of the conference, scheduled for 17:00 GMT today, the Wall Street Journal seems confident in its belief that an app platform is on the way. If true, it could be the push the company needs to hit its next few million users. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.