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United Nations hacked by Anonymous allies Team Poison

TeaMp0isoN (Team Poison), the hacking collective that this week announced a partnership with online 'hacktivists' Anonymous, has hacked into the United Nations and leaked password and login details online.

Email addresses, passwords and login details of around 100 UN staff, mostly coming from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), were posted on hackers' hangout Pastebin, along with a message taunting the organisation's security staff: "The question now is... how?... We will let the so called 'security experts' over at the UN figure that out... Have a Nice Day."

The group called the UN a "Senate for Global Corruption", and accused it of being a "fraud" and the "bureaucratic head of NATO used to legitimise the Barbarism of Capitalist elite", before signing off with the now-familiar Anonymous-inspired catchphrase: "United Nations, why didnt you expect us?"

A spokesperson for the UNDP told the BBC that the group had targeted "an old server which contains old data", adding: "The server goes back to 2007. There are no active passwords listed for those accounts. Please note that was not compromised."

The UNDP claims the compromised server has now been taken down, a claim disputed by TeaMp0isoN in a later tweet:

"ima let the #UnitedNations think they theyve took the hacked server down lmfao......" monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.