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Windows XP Becomes Target of Cyber Criminals

According to F-secure, a security firm, in the next year cyber criminals will focus on PCs powered by Windows XP. The older operating system will create fewer security related updates for the systems running on it.

And as per StatCounter figures which were released for the month of October, Windows 7 is the most popular operating system on PCs throughout the world. The figures show that around 40.5 percent PCs all around the globe runs on Windows 7, whereas 38.5 percent run on Windows XP.

Security advisor at F-Secure, Sean Sullivan,commented, "People seem to be adding new systems without necessarily abandoning their old XP machines, which is great news for online criminals, as XP continues to be their favourite target."

According to the security firm, Windows Phone 7 will also be targeted by the cyber criminals in the year 2012.

Sullivan added,"There will be many interesting surprises in 2012's threat landscape, though some things will remain the same," as reported (opens in new tab) PC Advisor.

The security firm also predicts the latest version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich will introduce more innovative apps and enhance the popularity of tablets. However, soon it too will be targeted by cyber criminals.