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£202.48 AOC E2795VH 27 inch LED Monitor

Come December and all electronic gadgets start getting cheaper. One such product is the E2795VH 27" Full HD LED Monitor from AOC that serves the requirements of a small office or a home desktop display quite well.

The 27-inch display is ideal for those professionals who have to work on complex charts and large spread sheets whereby they can arrange multiple windows in cascaded format with enough display area for each. The HD screen serves well for games as well as it shall display all the minute details that the game developer has coded. Videos, movies and photos also get a great treatment because of the LED backlight that increase the contrast and brings out the subtle and vivid colours.

The contrast ratio of the monitor stands at 20000000:1 with a response time of just 2ms giving you the best possible and high-priced TV equivalent video output.

The E2795VH can not only be used as a monitor (VGA connectivity), but the different connectivity options serves you well by letting you connect Blu-ray players, DVD players, gaming consoles directly through the HDMI, DVI-D and USB ports.

Some of the other features of the monitor are HDCP, i-Menu and e-Saver technology.

The AOC E2795VH 27 inch LED Monitor is available from Amazon for £202.48.