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£33 Sapphire 11190-01-20G AMD 6450 512MB HD Graphics Card

The Sapphire 11190-01-20G is a competitively-priced graphics card that provides amazing features and compatibility with current technologies giving you the best graphics rendering for your favourite games.

Packed with the Radeon HD 6450 graphics processor, the Sapphire 11190-01-20G delivers stunning graphics has nearly half the price of other expensive graphics card. The 64-bit 512MB memory lets you play all the PC games that are out there with 5Gbps throughput letting you avail the full potential of the graphics card.

The Eyefinity multi-display technology from AMD lets you connect multiple displays to the graphics card such as HDMI 1.4a for stereoscopic (3D) displays, Displayport 1.2 and VGA. The Sapphire 11190-01-20G also supports DirectX 11.

The High Definition Stereoscopic 3D lets you view even 2D content in 3D through the use of compatible 3D displays, glasses or software. The maximum resolution supported by the card is 2560x1600 allowing you to enjoy your favourite Blu-ray movies and videos. Some of the other features of the card are Deep Colour and 7.1 High Bitrate Audio.

The card comes with a 2 years warranty.

The Sapphire 11190-01-20G AMD 6450 512MB HD Graphics Card is available from Amazon for £33.