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Amazon CloudFront CDN User Base Doubles in 2011

Online retail and cloud computing giant Amazon has provided an insight into the growth of its CloudFront content delivery network (CDN).

In a blog post, the company revealed that it now had more than 20,000 CloudFront users, which is more than double the number last year.

Amazon claimed that the figures make CloudFront the largest content delivery network on the web. The company said that the service was being increasingly used by enterprises like PBS, Sega and IMDB and start-ups like and Rent Jungle.

The company said that the platform had an added advantage of being a part of the Amazon Web Services family, which makes it compatible with other services. Amazon informed that CloudFront works seamlessly with Amazon S3, allowing users to set-up a CloudFront distribution from an S3 ‘bucket' within a minute.

"Customers come to CloudFront because it is easy to get started. Once on board, they stay because they are pleased with the scalability, performance, and the pay-as-you-go pricing model," Amazon commented.

Amazon's CloudFront is gaining traction among enterprise and start-up alike, with the company adding new features to the platform recently, including AWS Identity and Access Management Support and Live Streaming.