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AMNews: 800,000 Xbox Sold During Black Friday, Spotify App Store, PlayStation 3 Firmware Update

Microsoft sold close to a million Xbox 360 units during the week of Black Friday. The company commented in a blog post that last week, it had shipped 960,000 Xbox 360 units, the highest in a week since it launched the console.

Sony will soon release a new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 console which will include support for the PS Vita hand-held gaming device. In a post on the official PlayStation blog, the company said the firmware update version 4.0 will turn the PS3 into a content management device for the PS Vita, which will be launched in Japan first and then in western markets.

Spotify, which recently opened shop in the US, is planning to launch a Facebook-like app platform on its website. The company plans to launch an app store and an API for developers that would let them make apps for the platform.

Nvidia is set to replace Texas Instruments as the supplier of the application processor for the next iteration of the Kindle Fire tablet, the most serious rival to the iPad 2. Canaccord Genuity analyst Bobby Burleson (via Forbes), published a note in which he mentions conversations he had with sources in the tablet supply chain.

The familiar horizontal black bar at the top of home pages of all Google sites has been replaced with a milky-fresh new bar to be released soon. The latest Google bar occupies the same amount of space as the Google logo and search box most of the search giant's products.