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Apple Planning High Res iPad 3, iPad 2S and Budget iPad for 2012?

In the coming year Apple has big plans for its successful tablet range, with analysts expecting the release of iPad 3 sporting a vastly improved screen (possibly in March), with a new faster iPad 2 model and a far cheaper one making up the lineup, AppleInsider reports.

Ben A. Reitzes an analyst for Barclays Capital published a report recently suggesting that Apple might keep alive iPad 2 and make it enticing for buyers even after the next generation iPad is released, for example, by slashing the price of the 16GB version.

The strategy has been used before with the iPhone range; the iPhone 3GS and more recently iPhone 4 were given very attractive prices as soon as Apple's new flagship device hit the market.

However, Reitzes' speculation doesn't stop there, he also suggests that a faster iPad 2, for symmetry's sake nicknamed iPad 2S, could be unveiled before too long. This improved iPad 2 would have a faster processor, and could integrate the latest voice recognition technology.

Reitzes is another analyst expecting a 'full-fledged' iPad 3 in around March, which should constitute a major upgrade to the current tablet. The iPad 3 high resolution display (which may or may not receive the 'Retina' label, depending on who you listen to) is being produced by Sharp using IGZO technology (using Indium, Gallium and Zinc) which may enable Apple to use a single LED backlight bar, rather than two, which means the tablet can be slimmer and the battery life improved.

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