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Apple TV Is Real Says Apple Analyst

Gene Munster, a respected Apple analyst, has commented at a conference organised by Business Insider that Apple is set to launch a TV next year.

He provided more details about the product adding that prospective customers who want to buy a TV should wait for Apple's device to come out first.

Munster, who works for Piper Jaffray, reckons that the Apple television will be a proper TV set comprising of the display unit proper, as well as Apple TV (the £100 box) electronics inside.

More than one size will be available and the analyst believes that Apple will be able to sell the TV for twice the average price of the comparable TV sets on the market, in the same was as it managed to do in the handset and the tablet markets.

Obviously, the TV will almost certainly come with some Siri-type capabilities where you use voice in order to control the device.

Plus integration with other Apple products and services will likely be seamless. Expect the Apple TV to be available by the end of 2012; it is likely that it will have some sort of built-in tuner (Freeview HD?) as a basic feature and we suspect that it will also have a cable card reader.

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