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Cisco to Reintroduce the Cius Tablet to Consumers in 2012

Cisco is planning to add two new models to its Cius enterprise tablet device range.

The company said that even though the Cius tablet has not managed to take the consumer market by storm, enterprise users have shown considerable interest.

Cisco said it plans to introduce one large and one smaller version of the tablet device in Spring and Fall of next year.

"The adoption has met our expectations. It has done well in terms of reception from the enterprise community," said Chuck Fontana, Cius product manager at Cisco.

The consumer market in general is not aware that Cisco offers an Android based tablet capable of not only running business applications and integrated with tight security and networking features, but running media and consumer applications.

Cius tablet, which is only available in a Wi-Fi only model from Cisco's website, will be launched on the AT&T network soon, making its consumer debut. The company also plans to release LTE compatible models for Verizon Wireless at a later date, as reported by CNET.

The company plans to differentiate the device from other consumer tablets and focus on offering it to enterprise users. Fontana said that more than 1,000 companies had bought the tablet devices, with many orders running into the hundreds.