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Duqu Hackers Wind Up Operations, Delete C&C Data

Hackers behind the Duqu spying botnet have shut down their operations and deleted all files from their command and control centres it has been claimed.

According security software vendor and researcher Kaspersky Labs, the hackers have deleted all the files from the 12 known command and control centres of the Duqu botnet on November 20.

The move comes just days after Symantec released its own report about the Trojan-horse based botnot, which was designed not to attack but, to steal information from computer system, which could be used for future attacks.

Many researchers believe that Duqu has almost the same source code as the infamous Stuxnet virus, designed to sabotage Iran's nuclear ambitions.

According to Computer World, both Kaspersky and Symantec believe that believed that the botnet was created by hackers that were backed by some unknown country.

"Unfortunately, the most interesting server, the C&C proxy in India, was cleaned only hours before the hosting company agreed to make an image. If the image had been made earlier, it's possible that now we'd know a lot more about the inner workings of the network," Kaspersky said in a report.