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Facebook Apps Help Traditional Newspapers Reach Younger Audience

Facebook, recently unveiled few stats regarding the Open Graph initiative that lets the users share whatever they are reading online with their friends.

It was in the month of September this year when Facebook, at F8, declared that they are working on developing a new app for its media partners that will allow various newspapers like the Independent, the Guardian and the New York Times to get information regarding which articles published by them were read by Facebook users.

Facebook also reported that this Open Graph app is a success and records show that Guardian's app is used by four million users every month and out of those many are from such location where the paper is not reachable, reported Tech Radar.

Chief executive officer of GuardianMedia Group, Andrew Miller, said that, "The Facebook app is one of a number of successful launches by the Guardian in recent months as our digital-first strategy gains momentum. We're delighted with the results."

On the other hand, the Washington Post app is enjoying 3.5 million active users at present and 83 percent of those users are under the age of 35. The Independent and Yahoo News also enjoys huge readership. Yahoo's readership increased by 600 percent and the Independent paper app has 1 million readers.