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Foursquare Introduces 'Save to Foursquare' and 'Follow on Foursquare' Buttons

Wednesday, Foursquare introduced the "Save to Foursquare" as well as "Follow on Foursquare" buttons. This may be an effort to get users to integrate the activities that they do over the Internet with what they actually do.

"Save to Foursquare" button is for online publishers. It allows publications to co-relate stories as well as reviews to those places listed in the Foursquare app.

This button was launched with partners like, Time Out NY and Time Out NY Kids, Time Out Boston, New York Magazine, CBS, and many others.

Jonathan Crowley, who oversees Foursquare's partnerships with media companies, commented, "We wanted to bridge the gap between what you're reading and watching online, and what you go out and do in the real world," as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The "Follow on Foursquare" button empowers everyone with a website to permit Foursquare users to "follow" that person or that business on Foursquare via a simple click. This button is similar to Twitter's follow button.

Crowley stated, "The Follow button is even easier to put on a website."

Also, on Wednesday, the company introduced a redesigned developer website to help "third-party apps build on what Foursquare has built."