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HP Outs Enterprise Grade Deduplication Products

Hewlett Packard has dished out new enterprise-class de-duplication technology for small and medium sized businesses.

The company released the B6200 StoreOnce Backup System, back-up appliance and the HP Data Protector Backup platform, an accompanying software platform for businesses at the HP Discover conference in Vienna.

HP said that the StoreOnce Backup system is capable of storing up to 768TB of data in a single chassis and can also store up to 10PB of data thanks to its de-duplication technology, which significantly cuts down the amount of data that needs to be stored reports The Register. The system was capable of maximum data transfer speeds of 28TB per hour. HP failed to disclose the price of the system.

The new HP Data Protector software is designed to work with the StoreOnce system and provides easy data management and back-up functionality suitable for small IT environments.

"From a central console, HP Data Protector gives you disk and tape data protection that eliminates the need for multiple application, server and backup tools. Simple snapshot functionality fully automates recovery down to the exact second, and frees you from restrictive backup windows," HP said.