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Leaked BlackBerry London BBX mobile phone to be called SurfBoard

BlackBerry news website has published an item surrounding the news that Research In Motion has renamed the recently leaked ‘BlackBerry London' handset with the new BBX operating system to ‘BlackBerry Surfboard'. hasn't expanded upon this information on a posting to their website, but news site TechCruch has noted that an application for the trade mark was applied for in last year.

The site has it that RIM filed for the BlackBerry Surfboard trademark in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office in July 2010, and has been sitting on it ever since.

Whilst adding - ‘It seemed for a while like one of those names RIM would never get around to using, but they subsequently filed for an extension of time this past May - it's possible that RIM has chosen to dust off a name from the archives to use for their latest smartphone.'

The BlackBerry London device was leaked in an image early November, on the technology news website The Verge.

This mobile is said to be running the BBX operating system that was announced mid-October, as the next generation of the BlackBerry OS with its roots based on the PlayBook tablet QNX platform.

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