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Lenovo to make Windows Phone 7 mobile phones in 2012

Chinese mobile phone news website iMobile has published an interview with the Lenovo phone product manager, where he confirmed the computer manufacturer will be launching a Windows Phone 7 handset next year.

iMobile obtained the interview with Yue Chen at a Lenovo press conference to launch the company's Le Phone S2 mobile phone, who's range has sold over 700,000 units.

At the event, the product manager stated a Windows Phone 7 handset will be launched in the second half of 2012.

Microsoft held a preview press event in May this year for the WP7 Mango edition, where it was confirmed the new handset makers of the Windows Phone 7 devices.

These were Nokia, Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE - which joined Samsung, LG and HTC as established makers of the latest Microsoft mobile OS based mobile phones.

Lenovo wasn't listed as a new maker of these devices, where ITProPortal believes that the Chinese computer manufacturer will most likely range any WP7 handsets in the country where it already has a strong foothold.

We very much doubt that a Lenovo Le Phone running Windows Phone 7 will be available in Europe, where HTC already has a strong presence and Nokia are hoping to make a play for a similar market share.

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