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Micron, IBM to Boost Memory Speeds with 3D Chipmaking Technology

Micron Technology in collaboration with IBM is in the initial stages of producing a memory chip that will be 15 times faster in terms of speeds compared to the current offerings in the market.

The two companies recently announced that this technology will be utilised for making a Hybrid Memory Cube chip to be "manufactured commercially" by Micron, which happen to be the largest maker of memory chips in the US.

IBM is going to manufacture and supply the "controller" silicon to be implanted in the memory and the 3D chip technology.

IBM stated that, "IBM's advanced TSV chipmaking process enables Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube to achieve speeds 15 times faster than today's technology," reported c|net.

The outcome of this joint effort will result into production of memory chips which will "realize full performance potential of dynamic random access memory or the DRAM" via resolving the long-standing problem of "memory wall".

In the beginning this technology will be utilised in networking and also high-performance computing but these two companies confirmed that later on it will also appear in consumer products.

The Hybrid Memory Cube components will be produced at IBM's semiconductor plant in East Fishkill, New York and as per expectation these chips will start shipping in the second half of 2012.

[Image source: c|net]