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Microsoft Uploads 30 Mobile-Specific Updates for Office 365

Even though Microsoft has been enjoying undisputed superiority in the world of PC operating systems from a long period of time, the company is struggling to make its mark in the mobile platforms market. But, the software giant has not lost hope as it plans to expand its mobile capabilities of the cloud-based Office 365.

The company understands the potential of systems like Office 365 for any device as it is an effective way to maintain dominance in the software business, instead of fighting to get native Office apps for the phones.

Recently, Microsoft uploaded over 30 mobile-specific updates for the Office 365. Some of these updates are available initially for Windows Phone 7 and not for more popular and widely used operating systems, as reported by Rethink Wireless.

At present, iPhone and Android owners have access to Office web apps through the browser because Microsoft is trying to balance between making a "superior experience to encourage uptake of their own mobile operating system" and at the same time acknowledges that Office 365 cannot be "ubiquitous" without extending support to iOS as well as Android users.

A senior executive for Microsoft's Office division, Takeshi Numoto, commented that, "Productivity anywhere on any device is important and something we will continue to invest in."