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RIM Investigating PlayBook Jailbreak Claims

Research in Motion has announced that it is looking into the PlayBook jailbreak claims made by some hackers online.

Jailbreak or sometimes called ‘rooting' involves hacking into a computing device special software, which gives users the ability to install custom operating system and applications on the device.

In a video posted by hackers on YouTube, the PlayBook tablet was jailbroken using the DingleBerry tool and was seen running the Hulu app, which is currently not available for the BBX platform officially. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company said that it was looking into the jailbreak and was in touch with some of the hackers who claimed to have done it.

One such hacker, Chris Wade, claimed that the PlayBook was being targeted by jailbreakers because it has become lucrative to consumers, thanks to the $300 price cut it received. Tired of slow PlayBook sales, RIM slashed the price of PlayBook by $300 with BestBuy claiming that it was sold out of PlayBook devices after the price cut.

"RIM will develop and release a software update to minimize adverse impact to our customers," the company said in a statement.