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Samsung announces miniSATA SSDs

Samsung has announced a new line of miniSATA Solid State Disks (SSD). Designed for usage in Ultrabooks, the new drives are available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities - with a 32GB variant for caching.

"Samsung's compact mSATA SSDs will provide performance of the highest quality in helping to deliver the advanced ultra-slim PCs that consumers have been wanting," said vice president of memory marketing at Samsung, Myungho Kim.

"Samsung plans to continue providing timely delivery of advanced SSD solutions, while preserving its leadership position in the SSD market for notebook PCs."

Weighing in at just 8 grams, these new mini drives measure just 50.95x30x3.8mm. They make use of SATA III 6GB/s controllers and are able to deliver sustained read/write speeds of 500MB/s and 260MB/s respectively. The electronics maker also says that these SSDs will allow for a boot time in the region of ten seconds.

Samsung also touted the security features of the new drives, saying that they feature an "advanced hardware-based security solution," including 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard protection.

With many predicting that Ultrabooks could make up almost half of the laptop market by 2015, it makes sense for storage manufacturers to generate products specifically for these ranges. Designed to be incredibly light, powerful but with good battery life, Ultrabooks are an Intel design that was created to compete not only with Apple's MacBook Air, but against the rise of ARM-based tablet PCs too. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.