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Social Marketing Cloud from SalesForce Ups Brand Management Ante

On Wednesday, launched its Social Marketing Cloud. It is a collection of various services that focus on providing help to companies in managing their brands as well as communicate and engage with customers through various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and also YouTube.

With this new move is getting closer to become "a new-era marketing player". Basically, this Social Marketing Cloud is product of Radian6 which is a cloud based social media monitoring service and was acquired by this spring.

According to old standards, companies used to tightly control their customers as well as messages which were lined up at the stores and also websites for doing business with various trusted brands.

However, in the present times, customers are in touch with people who are aware of a product and can provide guidance. Potential customers trust friends as well as knowledge of the online crowd. Thus, now marketers have to connect to the customers through social networking sites to promote themselves.

Senior vice president and general manager of Salesforce Radian6, Marcel LeBrun, "It's a shift from buying lists and broadcasting your message to listening and engaging with customers," reported Information Week.

The latest Social Marketing Cloud contains five types of core services Social Engagements, Social Insights, Social Websites, Social Hub and Social Monitoring.