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Sony Ericsson mobile phones get 50GB of free on-line storage and LG too


Solely owned Sony company Sony Ericsson has unveiled that all of their Xperia Android handsets are now able to have 50GB of Internet storage, for life.

Sony Ericsson made public this news to their portal for their mobile phones, as a time limited offer.

The announcement from the handset manufacturer notes that this is an exclusive deal for the Xperias, which expires on December 31st 2012 - but guarantees that the storage is for life, therefore carrying on beyond that date.

The actual message from SE states that: ‘Xperia owners can get an exclusive offer of 50GB (yes 50, not 5) free storage in's cloud'.

This follows on from HTC's recent partnership with Dropbox, which sees only 5GB offered to the Taiwanese device makers' phones. allows the ability to store, retrieve and edit files from any device, with only one copy in the cloud.

The company itself specialises in synchronising their services across different devices, in much the same way as Dropbox does themselves.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Android handset owners can simply take advantage of this promotion by just logging on to a account from their mobile phones, before the end of December next year.

* UPDATE 1 *

Sony Ericsson has just posted an item on their blog site, which back tracks somewhat on their 50GB of free on-line storage offer.

The item reads - 'On Monday afternoon, we mistakenly posted a promo offering Xperia owners 50GB of free storage via the Box for Android mobile app. While we're really excited about working with Box down the road, this offer is not active today. We are in the midst of finalising the details of this promotion and are working to provide this offer very soon to all Xperia customers so stay tuned!'.

* UPDATE 2 *

LG has now issued a press release, stating that the 50GB offer is also available to their Android customers too and is accessible immediately without having to wait.

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