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Student Builds an iPad for his Girlfriend for $125 (Excluding Labour)

A Chinese college student studying Art & Design at Northeast Normal University in Changchun, really went the extra mile to get the best present for his girlfriend, Cnet reports.

Knowing she had set her heart on the much sought-after tablet from Apple, but realising he couldn't afford to buy an iPad from the Apple Store, Wei Xinlong started to build a tablet from scratch for his sweetheart Sun Shasha.

The story has touched the hearts of romantic techies and females across the web, as one commenter pointed out, "It is an avant-garde present, which outshines a real iPad."

After having researched the whole process over the Internet, he took some of the required parts, including the motherboard, and the memory, from a $78 secondhand laptop, and he ordered online a touchscreen, a battery, and the rest of the components.

The final cost reached about $125, and the while the resultant tablet might not be a 'proper' iPad, it is one of a kind, and decorated with rhinestones all around the outer edge. The labour of love tablet allows the owner to read, surf the Internet and download files, watch movies, and play games, all with touchscreen commands.

The home-made tablet is running on Windows 7 though it even has the famous Apple logo on it.

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