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US Antitrust Attorney David Boies Represents Barnes & Noble in Suit Against Microsoft

David Boies, famous and former legal foe of Microsoft, is again entering into a legal battle against the software giant - this time he is standing on behalf of Barnes & Noble.

As per a filing with the United States International Trade Commission (USITC), the book retailer, Barnes & Noble, appointed Boies in their defense against alleged infringement of patent rights by Microsoft.

In March of this year, Microsoft Corp. accused the book retailer, and makers of Android-based e-readers and tablet devices, of violating their patent rights by using technologies related to controlling the way consumers tab between various screens on "Nook" e-reader and also the "Nook" Color tablet.

Boies happens to be a high profile antitrust attorney in the United States. Currently, he is also representing Oracle against Goolge in an Intellectual Property related suit, reports CNET.

His association with Microsoft is famous in the tech world and is best known for the "dogged questioning" of the software company's executives at a landmark antitrust trial. As a matter of fact, Microsoft's chairman Bill Gates' quarrel with Boies regarding the meaning of "compete" and "concern" is also world famous.

At this time none of the parties made any comment on this appointment, however.