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Windows Phone 7 User Base Increasing, Thanks to Nokia Lumia 800 Claims Site

One of the best measures to find out the actual number of Windows Phone 7 users is by finding out the number of users who are using Microsoft's Facebook Integration in Windows Phone 7 and according to this the number of Windows Phone 7 users at present is 5 to 6 million worldwide it has been claimed.

This points to the fact that there is a sharp upward spike in the number of users. On 11th November the number of monthly active user was 1,000,000 and this number on 25th November went up to 1,100,000, reported Facebook Windows Phone page.

If calculations and predictions WMPowerUser hold correct, these figures mean that there are a total of 600,000 new users of Windows Phone 7 based smartphones. It is assumed that most of the users will be the buyers of Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung Focus S, HTC Radar, HTC Titan and Samsung Focus Flash. Out of all these, it is believed that Nokia Lumia 800 would have made the highest impact.

Even though Google's Android is far more ahead in number than Windows Phone 7, this is a good progress for the Microsoft platform that is 3 times faster in sales compared to the figures 2 weeks ago.