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Windows Phone Leads Android and iPhone for Mobile Ad Click-Through Rates

Smaato, a platform dedicated to mobile advertising optimisation, released a study a few days ago about the global mobile ad market, with quarterly metrics for Q3 2011.

Mobile developers and advertisers can find out fresh and detailed information on mobile advertisement adoption, fill rates, and general data about mobile ad network performance.

The Smaato Mobile Advertising Index study is based on more than 40,000 publishers and more than 70 connected ad networks that provide mobile advertising in 230 countries. The chart on Operating System Click Through Rate Worldwide in the third quarter of 2011 reveals that Windows Phone is the leader.

Microsoft's operating system has attained this position for the third time in a row. Windows Phone remains the leader in the US OS Click Through Rate chart as well, followed by BlackBerry, Symbian, iOS and Android. In the third quarter of this year, a study on the top 20 US ad networks selected by volume and ad requests, reveals that the average fill rates had remained somewhat stable.

Only a 1% decline can be easily attributed to seasonal factors, as summer is the low-season for advertisement. The average fill rate declined from 19% in the second quarter to 18% in the third quarter.

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