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77% of iPhone 4S Users 'Very Satisfied' Survey Shows, 2% Unsatisfied

There may have been a number of well-publicised glitches with the iPhone 4S, in particular regarding its poor battery life, but a new report reveals that the vast majority of users are very happy with their purchase.

The study by ChangeWave Research on customer satisfaction among iPhone owners, has seen the iPhone 4S scoring higher than the iPhone 4. The iPhone owners were asked for their opinion on various aspects, such as overall satisfaction, key likes and dislikes, dropped calls, etc..

The results showed 77% of iPhone 4S owners declared themselves to be Very Satisfied, with 19% Somewhat Satisfied with Apple's flagship handset.

The impact of the battery life problem is not apparent in the study, as just 1% of the respondents admitted they are Somewhat Unsatisfied and another 1% admitted they are Very Unsatisfied with iPhone 4S.

Not surprisingly, Siri is the most appreciated feature of iPhone 4S, according to almost half (49%) of the users. 39% of the respondents appreciate the fact that their new iPhone is easy to use, while 33% consider the 8MP camera the most impressive feature.

A previous survey among iPhone users, conducted in July 2010, showed that iPhone 4, at the time Apple's flagship handset, managed to conquer the hearts of 72% of users who declared they were Very Satisfied with their iPhone 4 experience.

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