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AMD readying Radeon 6930 mid-range GPU

AMD looks set to shore up its line of graphics cards by releasing another mid-range graphics processing unit (GPU) known as the 6930 – a card that's set to take on the non-Ti GTX 560 from Nvidia.

The new GPU is thought to be based on the Cayman CE chip found in the 6950, though there will be some downgrades. According to Fudzilla, the 6930 will feature 1280 stream processors and 80 texture units – a reduction from 1408 and 88 from the 6950.

The memory interface will be 256-bit, but whether it will use 1GB or 2GB of on-board GDDR5 is still unknown. The clock speed of the core itself will be scaled back to 750MHz – a reduction of 50MHz from the 6950 – with the memory dropping to 1200MHz from 1250MHz.

Sitting between the 6870 and 6950 in terms of performance, it's likely to cost £150-160, though this is speculation, based on the price points of the cards already on the market.

With the 7000 series just around the corner it seems strange that AMD might be putting together another 6 generation card. The recent price drops from the firm point to a stock clearance before the unveiling of the new GPUs, so perhaps as suggested, the 6930 is going to be a limited edition for selected markets only.

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