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Apple Gets Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Banned in Australia for One More Week

Apple, in a patent suit, succeeded in banning Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia for another week.

Earlier, an order was passed in favour of Samsung by a federal court in Australia allowing them to sell the device in the country. However, the new order that favoured Apple made it impossible for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to enter in Australian market for another week.

But, it seems the "one week ban" is less for Apple as they fought really hard to keep the latest Galaxy out of Australia and other markets, which according to Apple contention copies their designs, thus, violating its patent rights.

A federal court of Australia overruled an earlier ban to which the Galaxy Tab 10.1 would have hit the market in Australia today. But, this had to be postponed as Apple sought to appeal the order, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Samsung stated, "The High Court of Australia has granted a stay until December 9 to allow it to consider whether to accept Apple's application for special leave to appeal."