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Chrome Nudges Firefox to Grab Second Position in Browser Race

Google's Chrome defeated Mozilla's Firefox globally for the first time in the month of November this year. Chrome secured second spot globally for being the most used internet browser while the first spot still belongs to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Google's Chrome is fast advancing to "narrow the gap" with Internet Explorer which is the current market leader, revealed a web analytics firm, StatCounter, on Thursday. In the month of November, Chrome's market share increased to 25.68% registering a 4.66% year-on-year, whereas in the same Firefox managed to garner 25.33% share.

StatCounter chief executive, Aodhan Cullen, stated that, "We can look forward to a fascinating battle between Microsoft and Google as the pace of growth of Chrome suggests that it will become a real rival to Internet Explorer globally," reported Dawn.

Internet Explorer managed to hold the top position with 40.63% share. This shows that Google Chrome is eating the market spaces of other popular web browsers.

The reason behind Internet Explorer being the market is that Microsoft operating system, Windows, is still the most preferred PC operating system worldwide.

Further statistics can be obtained here.