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Developer Releases Carrier IQ Detector App for Android

A developer has released an app on the Android Market that helps users detect and remove the Carrier IQ rootkit that is reportedly installed in millions of devices.

Voodoo Carrier IQ detector app has been released by security expert François Simond, Engadget reports.

The app is still half-finished and needs some work but, the developer has released the source code for the app under open source licenses, to allow others to continue and refine his work.

It was recently reported that millions of Android, RIM and Apple smartphones come embedded with a secret tracker app developed by Carrier IQ, which makes device performance tracker technology for smartphone makers and wireless carriers.

Security researcher Trevor Eckhart had revealed that the Carrier IQ app maintains key logs of everything a smartphone user types, even on the on-screen touch keyboard and also tracks web searches and web browsing habits of users.

Carrier IQ tried to silence Eckhart by threatening legal action but, backed down once the Electronic Frontier Foundation intervened.

Apple is known to install tracking software in its smartphone but, on iOS 5 or higher it is easy to block the Carrier IQ tech by going to "Settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage" and click on ‘Don't Send', ZD Net reports.