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Google Offers Free Voice Calls in US and Canada Through Google+ Hangouts

Google is moving to secure more space in the telecommunications market. From today on, Google will offer free voice calls all over the United States and Canada - from the video conference service located inside Google+ Hangouts.

Users of Google+ are allowed to dial any person in these two countries and make them a part of Hangout irrespective of they are online or not.

The announcement regarding this new feature was made by Google staffer Jarkko Oikarinen via Google+.

Google has not made this new service very easy to find and use, however. The service is not a part of the user interface which launches right when users click the "Start a Hangout" tab on the homepage of Google+. Users must navigate to Hangouts services with the "extras" option to enjoy this latest service.

Hangouts has an additional offer for users, through which users can share not only notes but also drawings via sketchpad and also collaborate with Google Docs.

Google's spokeswoman confirmed that the new service will be available for all users of Google+ very soon.