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Hidden Ice Cream Sandwich Feature Android ‘Dreams’ Discovered

A new hidden feature called Dreams, in the newly launched Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, has been discovered, which Google seems to have either forgotten or hasn't disclosed purposefully to save it for later.

The new feature comes in the form of Android Dreams, also called RocketLauncher, which features a unique screen saver. The screen saver features all the apps installed on the device which feels like as if they are zooming past the display on the device.

Tapping once on the screen slows them down. The unique thing about the feature is that users can tap on the icon of the apps to launch them directly from the screen saver.

The feature is readily available on Galaxy Nexus, which comes pre-loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich. The funny thing here is that the screen saver is not on the list of regular screen savers that come with the mobile operating system.

Instead, users would be required to install Launcher Pro and start RocketLauncher from there. Once they do so, an icon will appear on the home screen, clicking on which will start the Android Dreams screen saver.

The feature was discovered running Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus S using the CynogenMod 9, which is available for download in an alpha version.