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iOS 5.1 Appears not to Fix iPhone 4S Battery Problem

The iOS 5.1 beta was released earlier this week to developers, and one of the main purposes was to address the battery life issue that has affected so many users; but initial reports appear to be discouraging.

The reviewers from technology website AppAdvice seem rather resigned to the never-ending battery problem after testing the update: "iOS 5.1 doesn't seem to really help with the iOS 5 battery issues some users have been experiencing. Guess we'll have to get used to it after all."

Redmond Pie also reported that testing Apple's latest iOS 5.1 update hadn't revealed any noticeable differences from iOS 5.0.1 in terms of battery consumption. "After a day of testing it would appear that iOS 5.1 is at best no better than iOS 5.0.1 and at worst, it’s, well, worse," they reported.

The buzz on developer forums, suggests there are mixed feelings about iOS 5.1, and also a lot of confusion relating to the two updates of iOS 5. Its not all doom and gloom though; the MacRumors forum appears to have at least one or two satisfied iPhone owners:

"For the first time since owning an iphone 4s I'm actually happy!!! After running iOS 5.1 for about 18 hours (draining to 0% and full charge) my battery is finally running the way it should. Almost 9 hours of standby (mix of mostly wifi and 3g) and 1 hour and 10 minutes of use (58 minutes phone calls w/bluetooth headset and dozens of texts w/iMessage) my battery has 86% charge!!!!"

We will probably have to wait until the 5.1 update is released for general users to see the extent of its effectiveness in addressing the battery drain problem.

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