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iPhone 4S' Siri is 'Pro-Life', Witholds Information on Abortion Clinics

Apple felt inclined to respond to criticism raised by users who revealed that the iPhone 4S voice-activated assistant ignores requests pertaining to abortion clinics and birth control, and even provides 'misleading' information.

Apple's defence was that Siri is still in beta stage, and her omissions are not at all intentional.

First reports on the matter surfaced earlier this week when Siri was accused of "intentionally trying to promote an anti-choice agenda" giving misleading answers to questions related to abortion, AppleInsider reports.

When asked to find an abortion clinic in Manhattan, Siri gave the answer: “Sorry, I couldn’t find any abortion clinics.”

Other users who inquired about abortion clinics claimed Siri referred them to pregnancy crisis centers that don't provide abortion services.

When the digital assistant was asked about birth control, suddenly Siri became shy and unresponsive. Generally, Siri is not timid when it comes to sex, as many users have found out.

The digital assistant can give accurate information about the nearest escort service or can recommend Viagra, when asked about such matters.

Apple spokesperson, Natalie Kerris, pointed out in an interview for The New York Times that Siri's answers don't come from Apple. "My guess at what's happening here is that Apple has made deals with Web services that provide local business information, and Apple probably hasn't paid much attention to all the results that come up", she explained.

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