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Nokia Develping 3-D Mapping for Use in Buildings

Nokia has demonstrated a new indoor 3D mapping system that might change the way people navigate in inside a building, a mall or airport.

According to an article on Into Mobile, even as Google tries to introduce accurate mapping guiding systems, Nokia has developed a hyper-accurate mapping technology that might be made commercial some time in the near future.

The technology is based on Bluetooth 4.0 on the phone or on a tag. The building, whose 3D map shall be created, would require building maintenance creews to install locater equipment on the ceiling. Nokia said that once everything is in place, the mapping technology will be able to give 3D maps that are accurate up to 21 cms.

The company plans to get the technology approved by Bluetooth SIG and launch it commercially by 2013, by creating its own tags or making the technology available on its smartphones.

Nokia released a video in which a Parrot drone, with Bluetooth tags on it, controlled by an N9 smartphone. The room is equipped with three location sensors. A screen shows how the locators are able to track the movements of the drone with unmatched accuracy.